Puppet- The concept of this metaphorical portrayal tries to convey the deviant corporate systems/society/politics which “pull the strings” that control society, in every step of an individual’s life, therefore the person here is visually represented as a puppet. Puppet- The individual becomes exhausted and worn out, realizing that anything related to his/her life is in fact, out of one’s control.

As the strings begin to detach, the puppet/person begins to free themselves from the governing of large national corporations, although, the question then arises whether or not one’s mind is prone to change. A possible theory is that the accumulated dissatisfaction and rage, can thereafter shape one’s being into a warped, distorted version of oneself which is now subject to a warped, rather money-spinning and materialistic society.
Such changes can then easily bring to surface all demagogic negativity of the society in question, through violence, as a cause and effect kind of relationship.



Marioneta - koncept se odnosi na nezdrave korporativne sisteme vlasti/društva/politike koji "vuku konce" i upravljaju čovekom, svakim segmentom njegovog života (stoga je on/čovek predstavljen marionetom). Marioneta-čovek postaje iscrpljen i umoran, shvata da ništa što se tiče njenog života nije u njenim rukama.

Pri oslobađanju od marionetskih končića, marioneta/čovek praktično se oslobađa od vlasti velikih međunarodnih korporacija, ali, postoji mogućnost da mu se i psiha menja, akumulirano nezadovoljstvo i bes, od njega mogu da stvore bolesnu, "izopačenu" verziju tog izopačenog, isključivo interesno i materijalno orjentisanog društva. Takve promene mogu vrlo lako da ispolje svu demagošku negativnost tog/takvog društva kroz nasilje, kao uzročno-posledičan odnos.



Concept story : Maja Maric

Model : Greta Kruziute

Photographer : Misha Maric - Elvish Photo

Photos 1&2 retouched by Aleksandra Boskovic and Misha Maric - Elvish Photo

Photos 3 to 6 retouched by Misha Maric - Elvish Photo