My name is Miša Marić (Misha Marich).
I was born in Belgrade, capital city of Yugoslavia (now capital of Serbia). I moved to Dublin in my mid-twenties , where I'm still living today.Suppose I should consider myself lucky for having "two homes".

After working many years in one huge American software company as a technician, I've decided to do something that I find more personally fulfilling, something that I really love and enjoy doing, and one of those things is photography.

I've been interested in photography ever since I was a child, but got involved in it more seriously in the last 16 years.I have finished Photography Institute and also many courses for various types of photography and photography styles. Have competed in many competitions for photography , taking first place a number of times.

One of my images http://www.elvishphoto.com/dublin/e5aa6ece8 is being used by one of the largest Chinese (phone/tablet etc.) companies HUAWEI on their tablets for the NET advertisement, product packaging and as the main product wallpaper for the global market (product model MediaPad M2 8.0).

This is my passion and I look forward to learning even more about it. My motto is - Be a great photographer today but be a better one tomorrow.